Conversation with Chuck Foreman
n/a - 1953/54

Conversation between Eddie Cochran and Chuck Foreman in 1953/54.

Eddie: Here’s your coffee, man.

Chuck: Thank you, very kindly. What can I…
Eddie: Hey, let’s talk a bit more about this.

Chuck: Eddie, just as a matter of interest, when are you going on records?
Eddie: Well, as soon as I get a contract.

Chuck: As soon as he gets a contract. Didn’t… Haven’t you been recording under the name of Chet Atkins?
Eddie: Well, that was in my better days. You know, old age is catching up with me. My fingers don’t move…

Chuck: Old age is catching up with him!
Eddie: I’m fifteen, you know. That’s getting… getting up in years.

Chuck: Then it is like me: fifteen dozen years. You know…
Eddie: Fifteen dozen?

Chuck: Fifteen dozen years. Somewhere thereabouts, you know, you’re just as old as you feel. I’m about 83 at the moment.
Eddie: That’s what I was gonna say. (In fact, we’re in the same age.)

Chuck: I’m about 83 at the moment. Uh…

<--- Recordings stops and starts again --->

Eddie: No sense in being in unpleasant, I guess.

Chuck: No, no sense in being unpleasant. Well, I see out little stint here this morning is just about over with. It’s time for us to fold our tents. Creep into the desert. Like what?
Eddie: Let’s not creep, boy. Let’s make kinda speedy, uh?

Chuck: Let’s get rollin’, yeah. It’s about… Let’s see, 2 minutes to 6 now. Something like that. We better get you back up there by what…?

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