25 July 2008
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The Eddie Cochran OTC is born

The Eddie Cochran Online Tribute Center is finally online. A personal project started with one main goal in mind: keeping Eddie’s memory alive. Soon, you will find plenty of information about Eddie on this site. Stay tuned for more Rock and Roll!!! 馃槈

2 January 2008
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Summertime blues – Brian Setzer (La Bamba)

Brian Setzer performing ‘Summertime blues‘ in the movie ‘La Bamba‘, 1987.

2 January 2008
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Eddie speaks with Chuck Foreman, 1953

Conversation between Eddie and Chuck Foreman, 1953.

2 January 2008
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Interview with Jerry Capehart

Transcription of the interview (‘Sitting in the balcony’ by Eddie Cochran) Commentator: Eddie Cochran and “Sitting in the balcony”. Again, Eddie’s producer, Jerry Capehart. Jerry Capehart: That was Eddie’s first hit. Johnny Mann, by the way, did the arrangements on that. With Eddie playing guitar and Connie Smith, our Eddie’s bass player, “Guybo” who was […]

2 January 2008
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Eddie Cochran interview, Ipswich 1960

Recorded backstage, Ipswich 1960.