2 January 2008
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Summertime blues – Brian Setzer (La Bamba)

Brian Setzer performing ‘Summertime blues‘ in the movie ‘La Bamba‘, 1987.

2 responses on “Summertime blues – Brian Setzer (La Bamba)

  1. Matt says:

    brian setzer my idol im only 12 but love the rockabilly and my orange gretsch i wanna be like brian and eddie when i am older!

  2. i love brian setzer always have ….i have all his live dvds with the orchestra ..they are excellent you really get to see brian jump and wail….he is one of the better guitar players out there if not the best..at what he does ..any way i have always loved eddie cochran too funny enough …then i got to see brian play eddie in the la bamba movie and record my all time favourite song summertime blues .brians version is fantastic …im still trying to get a copy on cd …just bought my 2nd gretsch its a 6120jr2 orange of course beautiful im looking forward to rocking on it with my band the mad hatters band limerick city ireland