1 January 2008
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Interview at Town Hall Party, 1959

Transcription of the interview

Johnny Bond: …Eddie Cochran! Eddie…
Eddie Cochran: Johnny…

Johnny: We are visiting now with the… some of the friends and neighbors at home on the television and from… and right here about this time, we usually bring our guest star out and just ask a couple of questions like where are you from originally.
Eddie: (…) from Oklahoma. Oklahoma City.

Johnny: Oklahoma! Never heard of the place. And how come that did run into you back, you probably wasn’t born yet, a man called Jimmy Weffley was singing on that became why.
Eddie: Well, it could be. I’m only 20 years old.

J: 20 years old? My Gosh. How did you get all that talent in 20 years?
E: There’s… (he laughs).

J: Well, you’ve been on Town Hall Party before. You know that?
E: Yes.

J: A long time ago. I believe you and your brother were down here…
E: He was not really my brother but, at the time, you know, we went under the name, you know, as The Cochran Brothers. U-hu.

J: And… You stepped down on your own and went onto Liberty Records and you’re doing alright there, boy. You waaaay…
E: You probably (…)

J: Uh… some of your friends and neighbors they might not be familiar with what we call the charts. The charts we read in the trade papers list the top 100 best selling records every week. And Eddie Cochran has been in those charts, and I mean way up near the top, for many many weeks now. And, Eddie, we are all… we are proud of you too.
E: Thank you very much, Johnny. I’m kinda glad to come back here, you know, and…

J: Yeah, that’s right…
E: Yeah…

J: And… where did you go when you left Oklahoma City?
E: Well, for a while, I lived in Minnesota and then I came here… and moved my here now, Johnny.

J: You’ve been in California now for the past several years.
E: Yeah. That’s right.

J: And you went on Liberty Records. When was that?
E: About 2 years ago.

J: About two years ago and… in that short time he’s really hit the top and that’s certainly a credit to your work, Eddie. And the way your friends and neighbors have turned out here tonight is a credit to you too.
E: (…) a lot of people…

J: Yes.
E: It’s always good to be on a show like this.

J: Well, now let me ask you this. You gonna be appearing in and around Los Angeles (or) some place else in the near future?
E: I think next week… I think we’re in Santa Barbara next friday, I’m pretty sure. And then from there we start working our way up and down the coast and back East.

J: You are gonna take a little tour up and down the coast and back East? I know you’ve done several tours back East …

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